Asian Rolls
    • Crispy Chicken Egg RollNapa and bamboo shoots, served with plum and mustard sauce1.95
    • Vegetable Spring RollCrispy spring rolls filled with shredded vegetable1.95
    • Vietnamese Shrimp Summer RollFresh salad greens and herbs wrapped in rice paper, served with zesty peanut sauce1.95
    ...pan-seared or lightly steamed dumplings,
    served with Chinese ginger soy sauce
    • Potsickers (6)with ground pork and vegetable6.25
    • Vegetable Potstickers (6)6.25
    Asian Favories
    • Bang Bang ShrimpShelless shrimp lightly battered fried, cooked with smooth mayo flavor sweet and mild bang bang sacue.7.50
    • Edamame5.25
    • Thai Jumbo Shrimp Roll(4)Rice paper roll with jumbo shelless shrimp, mild red curry paste and cilantro leave then deep fried6.75
    • Thai Herbal CalamariLightly fried Thai herb tender calamari, served with Thai fresh lemon dip and spicy sauce6.50
    • Lettuce Wrap(Choice of Shrimp, Chicken or Fried To Fu)Mushroom,Tofu,water chestnuts and lettuce for wrapping, served with spicy sweet & sour sauce.7.25
    • Grilled Chicken Satay (4)Tender marinated chicken grilled on a skewer, served with yum yum sauce.5.75
    • Crispy Cheese Wonton (6)wonton stuffed with crab meat, cream cheese then deep fried5.25
    • Shrimp Tempura (3)Jumbo shrimp and veg. lightly breaded then deep fried7.50
    • Red Bowl Ultimate Combo(For 2)Potstickers, Crab Wonton, Crispy Chicken Egg Rolls, Grilled Chicken Satays and squid Salad.9.95
    • Wonton Soup2.25
    • Egg Drop Soup2.25
    • Hot & Sour Soup2.25
    • Miso Sop2.25
    • Tom Ka Kai(chicken in coconut milk and galangal soup)2.95
    • Seaweed Salad5.25
    • Squid Salad5.25
    • Crabmeat Salad5.25
    • House Garden Salad5.25
    • Oriental Chicken Salad6.75
    • Side Salad3.25

    Price does not include tax or drinks