Red Bowl - Stir Fry Bar

Your Creation Begins Here

Step 1: ... Just relax in the comfort of your seat and order
      from our chef selection of fresh seasonal vegetables:
Broccoli * onion * mushromm * zucchini * carrot

Step 2: add to it... Chicken (L)8.50, (D)13.45 * Steak(L)8.95, (D)13.95 * Shrimp(L)8.95, (D)14.95 * Scallop(L)8.95, (D)14.95 * Vegetable Only(L)7.75, (D)11.25 * Salmon (D)15.75

Step 3: pick a sauce... Teriyaki Sauce * Hibachi Sauce * Spicy Sha Cha Sauce
* Spicy Kung Pao Sauce (with Peanuts).

Step 4: finally, select... Chinese Noodles * White Rice * Fried Rice or Brown Rice

    Price does not include tax or drinks